Friday, March 21, 2008

Petition and leaflet mainly for Australians...will appreciate any help in getting this about. The leaflet is similiar to what I posted earlier but have edited it down and changed things for clarity... am done with it now. Don't feel obliged to read the whole if you've read it before... its after the petition.

Have already done a big mail out and there will be a full page add soon in all local papers...

Still waiting for my computer to be fixed, hence I haven't done much posting...I find this keyboard really awkward and seem to hit the wrong keys constantly but thank goodness I have Don's computer (which feels very strange...its like opening a time capsule into his life) ...his last entries just the day before he went to hospital... Easter Sunday last year was in April and it was the best day, just the two of us and he was so tired from lack of oxygen, that we just had a home day... Then on the Tuesday after lunch we went to PMBH and then to Sydney

Anyhow I had some excellent news yesterday from the Sydney Sunday telegraph's health reporter (I sent out my material to about 50 different media organisations - found a great site) and they are definitely (unless the Queen dies or summat) covering it this Sunday...even had the Tele's own photographer around here this morning...he does from Taree to the Qld border and inland... (feel like a filumm star) so there will be good coverage. I have to admit to savouring the moment when those responsible for direct cruelty to Don open their Sunday paper (or are handed one) and see our faces and remember and know I don't give up. I know what they thought of Don and have no doubt at of what little consequence they thought he and I were. I hope they are scared shitless just for the moment wondering what else may be coming and I admit to liking this small victory. Knowing they will suffer , just a bit of a stomach lurch which will absolutely wreck their peace of mind on Easter Sunday well you have to take your pleasure from whence it comes.

I will be away 1st, 2nd and 3rd April - that's when Carmel and I go a protesting outside NSW Parliament ha should see the 31 poster sized (laminated) placards I have made...they are impressive. I have linked them with little cable ties so they can be leant along the front fence of Parliament... some of them (11) are in the form of the timeline of Don's life...starting with his baby photos where he's throwing snowballs up until the last days and then his headstone...with the theme of "What price for his life" the others are strong worded and have a large photo or two of him...we will be handing out petitions and leaflets...both houses sit on that day...

Below is the Petition we are taking to Parliament (NSW) April 2nd. This is probably only really relevant to Australians, or those likely to visit...that could be anyone because if you visit and get sick you too can go to Royal North Shore Hospital.

There is a leaflet which goes with this which is added below. If you want to print this out or just forward it to whoever that would be appreciated. It should fit on an A4. Also the leaflet beow the petition which goes with the form it fits on 2 A4\s (or front and back.) Any help appreciated.

I will get back to other things sooner than later but right now its all stops out and just having to make the best of the days into the lead up. Am giving evidence again (for 15 mins) into yet another Go. inquiry re hospitals...but one day the straw that breaks the camel'


Donald William Mackay’s cruel death cries out for justice.

This time Silence is not dignity.

We the undersigned residents of and visitors to NSW request that the NSW State Premier and Health Minister ­ begin a full, independent and open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay, as a result of the five weeks he spent in Royal North Shore Hospital between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died). We ask that those responsible if found culpable then be subject to disciplinary action. Our reasons are briefly – A RNSH Internal Investigation into Donald Mackay’s hospitalization and death, signed by RNSH’s Dr Hoyle who in writing, admitted many failures in Donald Mackay’s care; such failures, which we believe led directly to his death after five weeks of unimaginable suffering.

Name (Print)



As the initiator of this petition, my name is Mrs. Therese Mackay on behalf of the Mackay family and I can be contacted on 0265839622/ mob 0417279602 for further information in relation to this matter.
Please return petitions by 17 May 2008 to The Mackay Family P.O. Box 248 Port Macquarie NSW 2444. Please feel free to copy and circulate.

the leaflet which goes with this is below

Royal North Shore Hospital Shame.

Donald William Mackay’s cruel death cries out for justice.

On behalf of Don my husband of thirty-five years, our daughters, and myself, I request authorities begin an independent, open investigation into the surgery, treatment, care and subsequent death of Donald William Mackay. His death was a direct result of five weeks he spent in RNSH between 11th April 2007 and 17th May 2007 (the day he died). I request that the Cardiothoracic surgeon and team, the Spinal Ward doctors and nurses who ignored my husband’s worsening condition receive disciplinary action because of their negligence, which led to Don’s first Respiratory Arrest and inability to come off ventilation. ICU and Cardio Thoracic Specialists who withheld full disclosure of his condition from us should receive disciplinary action. Their non-disclosure led to Don being subjected to unnecessary torture, which lasted five long weeks. I request that the filthy practices and deplorable conditions he endured without choice in ICU be exposed. Legally, ethically, why and how are the medical practitioners protected from criminal charges?

This could happen to your loved one or yourself. I have no reason to think it has not since my husband’s criminal mistreatment inside RNSH.

1. My husband, Don Mackay had been a Quadriplegic for 25 years. On 11/4/07, he arrived at RNSH at 10pm from Port Macquarie. It was not an emergency. A doctor whose English was limited signed him up for the surgery within the hour that night. He cannot recall what he told my husband about that surgery. Why?

2. The next morning as I was driving from Port Macquarie, Don was being given dangerous and unnecessary surgery (Pleurodesis)

3. How could RNSH’s Cardio Thoracic surgeon just “assume” Don had been examined, by a cardiothoracic specialist in Port Macquarie? This was unprofessional.

4. There was no ECG prior to surgery although he had Pericardial Effusion. Why was that?

5. He had neither blood tests nor any pathology. How can they justify this?

6. The Admitting Cardio Thoracic Specialist who was also the surgeon saw no X-rays or Scans prior to surgery. (They were still in Port Macquarie Base Hospital.) What was going on?

7. The review by the Anaesthetist is admitted by RNSH to be “limited”. He was not seen before theatre. Limited why? Don had complicated medical problems and required proper assessment.

8. The Cardio Thoracic surgeon had not seen Don before Theatre and had not done a detailed examination. The person who signed him up the night before was not part of the surgical team. No one knew anything about his multiple conditions before surgery. How irresponsible and dangerous was that?

9. Ungraded Talc known to be connected to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (which Don developed) was used. Since his death, they no longer use this. They were aware it was linked to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Why was it used? Was it cheaper?

10. My husband’s right lung was meant to be suctioned until all the fluid was removed at the gentle suction of 3KPA. RNSH admit that a transcription error caused his lung to be suctioned (vacuumed) at 10 times that value at 31KPA. This was left like that for almost 24 hours and was not spotted by Cardiothoracic Doctors, and the Spinal Unit’s nurses till 8am the next day. All RNSH staff involved are culpable.

11. Cardiothoracic were ignorant of “Quadriplegic breathing” which makes it harder to breathe while sitting up when there are problems. They ordered him sat up in his wheelchair. He rapidly deteriorated. I begged the Spinal Nurse to return him to bed she refused. He suffered three hours of extreme torture trying to breathe against gravity. He had a Respiratory arrest that night. Why were they all so ignorant of his condition?

12. Cardiothoracic should have known not to sit up someone with suctioning of the lungs in progress as this can cause the Pleurodesis surgery to fail and can lead to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This happened. Why did they allow this?

13. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to see that all procedures pre and post surgery are followed. Almost none of the regular procedures were followed. There is no excuse for this?

14. Spinal nurses, Doctors, and Cardiothoracic were grossly negligent over the next days. He was treated badly as his condition became dangerous. He began to hallucinate and gasp for breath. This was extreme cruelty and shocking for him to experience.

15. On the night of the first of his respiratory arrests, he called my name for three hours according to his roommate and THEY DID NOTHING. I was five minutes away and had given them instructions to call me at any time if he needed me or things got worse.

The next five weeks in RNSH’s Intensive Care Unit were horror-filled. I cannot these get these dreadful images out of my head. I try to see him as he was before their negligence allowed him to be filled with infection, sepsis, fluid and God knows what. I cannot. I see my beloved husband tied and gagged by tubes. Both lungs drowning and full of fluid. MRSA and Klebsiellia Pneumoniae filled them with bloody mucus. I still see him with his tongue being forced painfully in and out, as he reached yet another respiratory arrest. One time he was breathing 50 breaths per minute. He was so frightened and I could not help him. An ICU nurse stood and did nothing. “I think he’s trying to talk”, she said blithely. AN ICU NURSE! It went on like this for five weeks. I feel like I have been in a war zone.

What I have relayed here is just the tip of the iceberg as to the dreadful suffering inflicted upon Don. Finally, he was allowed his wish, which was simply to get out of the filth and chaos, go home and die. Even then, after all they had done to him, it depended on conforming to their demand that the home respirator be taken away as soon as he got home. Apparently, there was not one other home respirator in RNSH or at Port Macquarie or anywhere else in the Northern Areas’ Health Service. Why was this?

It was a death caused by gross negligence, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, filth and cost cutting. I should not have to be chasing justice on behalf of my husband, daughters and myself. Those responsible should be prosecuted and or receiving disciplinary action for killing my husband Don Mackay and robbing our daughters of their wonderful Dad. Those most responsible should not be still practising inside Royal North Shore Hospital. It would be better for NSW residents if they were not in the health system at all.

Royal North Shore Hospital buries its mistakes.

The Mackay Family. PO Box 248 Port Macquarie 2444 NSW.


Sling said...

You know,I've been following your blog for a while,and I'm just sickened by the treatment Don received at the end.
I'm also angry at a system that allows this kind of thing to happen.
As if economics,and the arrogant assumptions of hospital personell should take precedent over the life of a human being.
I'm confident that your efforts will prove to be a force for change.
While Don can never benefit from this,there will no doubt be countless others that will have you and he to thank for the policy changes that are bound to occur.
Bless you both Therese.

dysthymiac said...

wishing you peace and good luck

Middle Child said...

Holy Shit is right on Sling... and we have had some success...
Some smart arse said "it won't bring him back" if... how stupid do they think I am... I wathced him die for five weeks and I would never wish him back that way...wherever he is now he has his feet...ifn he needs them

Thanks dysthymiac

Citymouse said...

If I were there I would help you carry your cross... but I can only tell you what a wonderful thing you are doing, and that you are in my prayers... you are so stong!

Middle Child said...

Don't know whats happened to my post it was fine last time I looked at it but now has all sorts of codes...can't figure this out

City Mouse...of course you would if able, most of you guys are like that and I thank you

and CM I am so proud to be so "stong"..
does that rhyme with Thong
and is that because I am Australian -and I meant the thong you wear on your feet not that other bizarre constuction