Sunday, March 30, 2008

I really like Kaysey Chambers...if any one can find a copy of her singing This Flower(or the flower) - which is a love song for her mother ahhh..

She sang along with Slim Dusty not too long before he died ... its called Waltzing Matilda...its something... not your normal matilda song


Cazzie!!! said...

I love Kasey Chambers. She is just lovely. A pharmacist at work says I speak like Kasey.... I said, "Well, if I could sing like her then I'd be alright wouldn't I?" Hahaha. I then began to sing True Colors, Kasey's rendition not Cindy Lauper's :)

cs said...

Hey MC...good work on getting your story out. Pray they get a taste of their own dessert!

Summer your way...Spring up here but still with snow flurries coming in.

Economy going down the toilet...depression on the horizon..not the silly recession they claim...hunker down and be safe
hugs from moose land

Middle Child said...

Cazzie's really close to Kaysey...maybe you were accidentally separated at birth...can you sing "This Flower"? always makes me cry.

CS I agree re the economy... might need to get some chooks soon but so many foxes about hm...thanks for the ebcouragement.

Team Gherkin said...

Ms Chambers sings like an angel... one of those female vocals I always have time for, despite what some dopes might negatively say about her, just because of her country 'roots'.

Hope your time In Sydney is a positive and effective time.

Mal :)