Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Lookin' out my back door"

Saw this "Last Snake of Summer" (I hope), first right up against my back door (the main entrance and exit point), winding all about the dog's water bowls. It was in no hurry at all which is why I had time to get camera after

shutting the door. These bewdies are not as poisonous as the King Browns, being Red bellied black snakes but I have seen the result of a bite on a man's arm where his whole forearm was deeply scarred...because of tissue necrosis... they can make you awful sick...

usually I can live with these fellows and just make a lot of noise and crash about...they soon leave... but this one was quite belligerent at times and as much as like to live and let live I have been very worried about the dog...

I am buying myself a big pair of gum boots because I have to poke about behind all that water cleaning water filters and maintaining the water pump etc (we are on tank water) and thats just where the snake finally after about a good hour went to.

I admit to throwing every shoe I owned in his direction...not to hit him but to make it uncomfortable...left the shoes there for a while...

I almost lost my lovely dog on Thursday under the wheels of a very slow moving car. There was a very old friend coming to visit and I happened to be in our front paddock as he came along our road... the old dog beat me to the car but I got the driver to sop till I could get a hold of him. Thorn runs closely around cars which come onto our land, but not when he's walking down the street...its a guarding thing, but he's older and slower now...although he doesn't know that.

I had him round the back of the car and was going to walk him away but bugger me the old guy started driving again before I could get clear and the dog went beresk and jerked out of my hold (we don't keep a collar on him our here as he doesn't wander and he has a huge lump on his neck which a collar I just had a hold onto the hair of his neck.)

The dog ran in close round the car and the front bumper knocked him over (he's a big dog) but the old man didn't seem to be able to make himself stop and kept idling seemed to be so slow that it happened.

I got in front of the car so he couldn't go any further and thank god I did because here was the dog under his driver's wheel with his skin pinched just under the tyre, which would have in just a little more rotation crushed his ribs.

I still feel sick about it. He is such a lovely loyal old gentleman of a dog and deserves a kind ending, not something like that.

All the damage was some fur off and a bit of skin when he was pushed along the gravel, and a total look of disgust back at the car.

I watched him closely after the vet felt him all about...listening for any extra coughing etc but he seems fine and he is still with me...I can't stop patting him when I go past...he must wonder whats going on - or not...maybe like a dog he just accepts.


Bwca said...

Dear Middle Child - never relent.
They OWE you, and without your persistence in this matter, will never be forced to improve their standards.

Snakes of another type.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Eww I shuddered to think of finding a snake at my back door... I cant stand the things....
all our snakes here are deadly... ikkk
I am glad your article made it to the paper... I am still keeping everything crossed that something good may come out of this....

I am also glad your dog is ok... Must have been a scarey few mins...
Take care...

Team Gherkin said...

red bellied blacks can still be nasty buggars when they set their minds on it. Glad it decided to slooze away and left you all unharmed.

I've only seen one snake so far this year, and that was only in a paddock. Thank goodness.

Thank goodness your dog came away unscathed. Whew!

I am behind you 100% with the story of RNSH and the NSW Healths' apathy towards yourselves.

You GO girl!

Mal :)

Middle Child said...

BWCA - thanks...I moved the news article to another post to make it easier for a freind to find...she's not really into blogging and got having the three items in the one story.

Won't give up...not yet anyway thanks for the support.
Wanna be slimmer...thanks very much.

team gerkhin...nice to meet you and thanks also. I will have a little trawl to your blog and see who you are this evening.