Monday, February 11, 2008

Disturbing.. very disturbing...

Once this would have be unbelievable outside Nazi Germany or Lenin's Russia or today's China...this is US... we watch their tele shows, read their novels, love their people who are wonderful but whose legal system allow this despicable shit....

land of the free I don't think so...the Christian bulwark against savagery... I don't think so

a bunch of cruel poseurs aware of the camera and loving it...mmmm hope they all rot in jail both the men and women officers.

Unbelievable. pigs at a nothing sacred any more?... nothing excuses this stupid animalistic crap ...these police are barely human to there another planet I can live on please...?


Jacqui said...

Unfortunatel, it appears whatever your political stance your country takes, there will be always instances like this. Fortunately, here, they video tape the outcome so at least this lady will get some legal redress if not her outrage back.

Not all the US is like this but these is a good amount of evidence all over the country, going on the TV coverage in the past yr or so that it happens all the time.

Sling said...

I fucking hate cops!!!
This isn't anything unusual in this country at all!
We have a huge gang problem in the United States,and it's the police that are the gang.
This woman was a victim,and these sociopathic motherfuckers are running amok in every city in this country.
Why?..Because ignorant nazi pukes like GW are running the show...The two male cops in this instance should be sentenced to life behind bars with the Aryan Brotherhood as their custodians...Let them take it up the ass for the next 30 years...pschopathic goose stepping bastards!..
Did I mention I hate cops?