Monday, December 25, 2006

Hoping you have all been a little goody two shoes just like me and awaiting all the tribute from your family with as much anticipation as I am...

But should they not recognise your worthiness and give you a pair of socks in the middle of a hot summer, or undies five times too bloody big then just kick back and find some Moet like I am going to do soon

and you'll have a good day...the Moet is a pressie from future sone in law... he knows how to get in good with me. Hope he keeps it us hee heee.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!

Dan said...

Happy Christmas MC! I'm a day late, but the traffic was just horrible. :)

mirk said...

I took some time off blog land over Christmas so belated Merry Christmas but with some Scots in the family you probably prefer Hogmanay so have a good one and a Happy New year when it comes!

Ah and we Moet men always know how to butter up the mother-in-law ;0) Apparently I'm the fav son-in-law but then again you women know how to butter up we men... with your forked tongues of poison :0)))))

jin said...

Wow! Is that you?!
You're radiant!!!
Look at those eyes...and that is is a TOTALLY genuine smile!

Hope your holidays went well...
wishing you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Middle Child said...

Charlie - thanks ... you already have my Christmas wishes : )

Dan - its never too late I reckon

Mirk - Don's the Scot's descent one... who is just only learning about his heritage which as I explained is all about eating seaweed and hearing sermons...what is Hogmanay? I will have to look it up now...dammit.

Jin - radiant...why thank you...the radience dims quickly these the genuine smile...yes tis my kids took the photos and we always have a good time when they come home at mother had the biggest smile on earth I am a rank amateur to her...thanks again jin!