Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lancert article warns of Brain damage

Lancet Article warns – One in Six Children Brain Damaged by Industrial Pollutants

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‘The Hastings Safe Water Association has just been informed of a study published in leading medical journal “The Lancet” that millions of children – “One in six children” throughout the world may have suffered brain damage as a result of industrial pollution. Says Therese Mackay, President of the Hastings Safe Water Association. In the past year there have been at least ten scientific articles like this warning of the extreme dangers of Fluorides to human health, now this latest one in the Lancet should have alarm bells ringing in even the most inflexible Fluoridation proponents ears.’

Therese Mackay says, “In light of this all Councils have a responsibility first, to the residents, especially to children, to call an immediate halt to any plans to fluoridate our water.”
In the Lancet, the two scientists Philippe Grandjean, from the University of Southern Denmark in Winslowparken and his co-author, Philip Landrigan, from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York conclude: “The combined evidence suggests that neurodevelopmental disorders caused by industrial chemicals has created a silent pandemic in modern society.”
The American and Danish researchers say that “ lead, methylmercury, arsenic and solvents such as ethanol and toluene are among 202 industrial and agricultural chemicals with potential to damage the brain... Other substances that could prove to be toxic in excessive amounts include fluoride, a common additive in drinking water and toothpaste.” End quote.

The Lancet article stated, “Potential effects of exposure to even tiny amounts of toxic chemicals include lower IQ scores and conditions such as autism, attention deficit disorder, and cerebral palsy.”

‘How many more nails does the coffin of Fluoridation need before the lid is finally secured? Worldwide, almost weekly, responsible and credible bodies of scientists are warning of grim long and short-term effects of Fluorides. One out of six of all our children worldwide is too big a price to pay. Therese Mackay said

‘We have kept our Council informed of these studies and they will not be able to say they did not know. But far better for the health of our community if they stop Fluoridation before it begins. President of The Hastings Safe Water Association said.
Contact Therese Mackay – President of the Hastings Safe Water for comment.,,8122-2442654,00.html


Unknown said...

We put a water purifier on our house and we look for toothpaste w/out the nasty stuff...hard to find up here and everyone wants to fluoridate the water! Flouride was once used as rat poisoning...might still be...but with such a rise in autism these days, now 1:156 kids being born, a look into this should be done!

mirk said...

Another good post madam! As you know I am against fluoride come to think I have never had a vaccination of any kind nor my parents nor our kids.

Funnily enough Purr is planning to post on MEA and stuff like that if she ever gets around to it she is still not to keen on this blog thing she needs her arm twisted (metaphorically speaking) a wee bit to blog.