Thursday, August 10, 2006

Isn't this a nightmare? I, with amazing generosity sent my much older (heh heh) sister a "Home" DVD in which she featured in the beginning ... note the smiley piccie she took of her self (the devil makes work for idle hands big sis!) when she was watching herself cavorting about on the grassy knoll outside our place on Easter Sunday!

BUT look at the next photos...once the limelight faded away from her!

When she took this one she was watching our daughters and myself, and her comment was "You should star in horror movies Therese!" Just great!

We have a name for her in the famibly "Atilla of the hens - she who muct be obeyed"

By the time she took this one all four of us, Don included, were having a ball trying to murder "Moon River" via Karoke ... hey but at least we were relatively sober...

I have sat through an hour of this one and my next eldest older (heh heh)sister wending their drunken way through the highs and lows of "American Pie" which they thought they, knew till they realised it consisted of more than two lines and was veerrry long...

I am sooo glad she emailed me these pictures of herself as her 56th!!! is coming up fast and there is a "card" in all of this me thinks!

AHHHHH! Revenge is sweet for the Middle Child. I did chuck my dad's hobnailed boot at her head once, but as I missed and put a hole in the door of her "Oh so feminine teenage bedroom - papered within an inch of its life with posters of the Fab Four, the Stones and Little Patti" she was unscathed... :)) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Only a sister could get away with these!

Otilia said...

Many is the time I wished I lived closer to you....then I see what you do to this sister and the Pacific Ocena seems like a good thing! Just kidding...I am sure she was a merciless beast when you were a child and all paybacks are deserved!