Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Bill Peace is an academic and an activist. He teaches anthropology at Syracuse University and blogs under the moniker ‘bad cripple’. He has been paralyzed since the age of 18. We spoke at length about all kinds of things: childhood, accessibility, parenting, advocacy. We also talked about loneliness, bias against disability, pain and suffering"- Jennifer Johannesen

BILL Peace tells his story

BILL  Peace on Disenfranchisement, Loneliness and Activism

BILL - Disability Culture, Identity and Pride

Bill Peace Accessibility, Discrimination and Societal Attitudes

 Bill Peace is an amazing man, a Scholar who happens to be disabled - but as he said - "A scholar first.." If you take the time and don't mind the odd swear word to listen to him - he is like a breath of fresh air - and exactly as he tells it is how Don explained it and its how we lived.
Bill Peace’s Blog – well worth the read

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