Sunday, November 17, 2013

some photos

It’s a really beautiful day to day. About 22° and a light breeze. It’s like a spring day and we are nearly at the beginning of summer. We’re going to be together this Christmas the girls and myself. And in some way I know Don will be there too. It’s hard to believe that there’s been six years no seven since I had Christmas with Don and the girls altogether. We had the best Christmas time; we took the best photos. It’s been a year since I’ve been back to where Don’s buried but even though it’s a cemetery it’s in a beautiful spot  - lovely and peaceful with lovely gum trees all around and wallabies lots of birds (Don would be pleased). Get there one day. Find
My sister and I at Altona

Mucking up at Altona

a good day

Campbells Cove

Campbells Cove

Me at home

 s Drinkies (she is a baaad influence - she's the eldest)

At Geelong - more drinkie (only one I was the driver)

being naughty at Geelong

My sister lost her glass of wine - I knew where it was
 but had fun at her expense and let her find it herself.

Right where she left it

the weekends hard especially on beautiful days like today.

My sister was down recently we took lots of photos... She does love those shops. I think the shopping gene missed me. I like to look for about an hour and finished. We went out to Altona on the pier which was really nice and had a glass of wine in a restaurant there looking over the street. And we went out to a  place called Campbell’s Cove which was really interesting -  there are all these little houses there like cabins all along the foreshore, different colours and designs -  in the middle of nowhere 0  I’ve put some photos of them.

It’s funny when I went to the end driving past this Campbells Cove there is a car park there and I just noticed that people were really friendly  - a lot of single older men sitting in their cars about ready to leave. I commented to my sister who wasn’t in the car at the time (she was taking photos). When we got home we did a bit of research on Campbells Cove and apparently round the corner there is a nudie bathing area. Might account for the mixture of people we saw  - was quite amused that we noticed a friendly they were.

Life goes on. I don’t seem to post much these days it’s sort of as if I have a brain fog since I moved to Melbourne. Hopefully the old brain will spark up again soon. I love living here but I do miss the hills. I do miss the birdsong and the lizards and insects and things that grow is to listen to crickets if required here.

But am close to one of my girls I wish to be close to both of them. I’m very grateful for what I do have  - and grateful for the life that I will have - and it sure beats being on the wrong side of the grass.


Andrew said...

The local bottle shop owner rubs his hands when the two sisters get together. The recycling man despairs at the weight of the bins.

FoxyMoron said...

You two! Funny but I always thought Ali was like Don but I could see her in your big sis. I am glad you get to see and have fun with her from time to time. Just warn Melbourne next time okay?

Middle Child said...

Thanks Andrew and Foxymoron - there was a fair amount drunken but no headaches nor harm done - has a great time. Ali is more like Don's sister than anyone and like my Mother's mum who died very young - so only have young photos of her

Red Nomad OZ said...

HAhaha, just read Andrew's comment!! Looks like the wine was fun!! I saw your Campbell's Cove pix - the boatsheds are really unique!!