Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All my photos from my whole blog back to 2005 have disappeared...has anyone else had this happen? If so how do you get them back?


Andrew said...

Not happened to me, I don't think. Now I am not game to check. I expect they will come back. They are auto saved to Picassa, I believe.

Middle Child said...

They are back now - Blogger told me what to do and it worked - will have to visit in here more often...

Ann ODyne said...

NOTHING ever 'disappears' from the www. please don't panic.

Have you just had it with all this thundering rain when NSW is on fire. I could cry for them.
x x x

Ann ODyne said...

Good Company you are in my dear: other 'Middle Children' are Madonna, Bill Gates, Lady Diana, JFK, and Abraham Lincoln.
Monday 12 August is Middle Child Day! (http://www.ivillage.com.au/the-awesome-dad-who-launched-middle-child-day/)
How do I suddenly know this?
Because when I put annodyne into search and then click over to Images I get every photo I ever blogged, plus photos from blogs where I have commented, iincluding, weirdly, at That's So Pants who does not even have Comments.
It was scary. I saw that MCG shaped cake that Andrew blogged.

But it didn't work for Middle Child because there was all the real 'middle child' stuff.