Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Melissa's surprise

Then after Alison and Andrew's surprise...Melissa and Chris had one for me. I traveled up to their place near Windsor NSW and Melissa had planned a surprise trip back to Aberdeen and Scone NSW to see mum and Dad's graves and the graves of the family...important to me.
We had the very best of times - we laughed and were silly at the drop of a hat...got up to mischief - so good to do with your adult kids. I showed her the other cemetery where our Irish ancestors are buried and myself found it hard to find them - but now she knows where they are... For me it is important...they made the amazing life we have these days possible - their courage and toughness meant we can sit here in fan or air con coolness in summer...and blog..phone...whatever - this was all unknown to them but they endued and as each generation passed in Australia it improved... we didn't do this they did - so am honouring them and recognising their deprivation...and the hardness of their lives...

Melissa as well took me to Mme Tussards in Sydney - as you can see us hobnobbing with the hoipoloi...
I am amazed that I am so lucky that the girls actually seem to love being with me...I am their mum but as well I am a friend...too many don't have this and its sad really because when we have our babies we set out to be the best we can...

I haven't posted here much of late as I have felt I am going through something and find it hard to write anything much at all... but after these last few weeks it feels like the old thing... the need to write is returning.

Melissa playing ladies at Singleton

Me and Julia - can't help myself

Melissa and Shane Warne  - always ready for a trifling kiss

Melissa and Marilyn -


Melissa gets lose to Nicole Kidman

Graham Kennedy and I share a laugh

Mum's Grave

At Scone Catholic Cemetary...my grandmother and her parents

Melissa and I

Chris and Melissa

Melissa and I


Andrew said...

Totally off topic, but would your old place be flooded?

Middle Child said...

Yes Andrew - big time - luckily the house was built on a mound...but am in touch with the new owners - really nice people...They have two horses, two shetland ponies, a calf and two dogs, plus the couple and three kids - all are on top of the mound (the animals on the cement outside) as of yesterday...will post a photo for your amusement - but the mum said they still really love living out there.

FoxyMoron said...

Those girls are a credit to you and Don, Therese. You raised them and now you are seeing the wonderful results of great parenting.
Love the shot of you and Julia.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Theresa. Must admit when I saw the heading I thought 'Grandma Theresa'. Sorry to see the floods at your old home. We have the reverse situation here in central Texas, no rain. Looking bad for the summer :(