Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big 59

I was a very lucky little Vegemite for my big 59th...hm one year till 60! Both my daughters went out of their way to make it really special... I spent a really good day at Alison and Andrew's place - had cake and dinner which was really good - she is a good cook - something I did not pass down with my genes...
Then we watched "Housos" (I love Housos!!!) Its so bad. I was happy with that but unknown to me till we got there the next day they had bought tickets to Cirque De Soleil...it was amazing - never knew human bodies could move like that - certainly mine cant any how...then after that dinner at Oscars (Oscar Wilde) at Docklands (I think) How lucky am I....I had another surprise coming but that's for the next post.
Ali made a cake for me and I couldn't even blow that many candles out.

But she did space them out a bit

Ali and I

Andrew and alison

Ali and I


Andrew said...

Many happy returns to you. Almost enough happened to be a 60th.

Middle Child said...

yeairss Andrew...Hm!