Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Went to Werribee Mansion on Mothers Day with the was a request by me but at only $7 a head (for adults) it was well worth it. It was wonderful that they enjoyed it as much as I did... wasn't too long after we went to see the new version of "Woman In Black" (A MUST SEE! the scariest thing I have seen for years, after being scared by the first version) so a certain value was had out of trying to scare each other especially down in the kitchen area - Its set in Edwardian times - and centres around an abandoned mansion - most of the Melbourne based bloggers will have been there and its pretty impressive - I was amazed at the detail and those huge mirrors and the crystal chandelier - then the working class in me started imagining the work involved in cleaning and serving etc that poorly paid people would have had to do - no doubt their rooms were not  grand and its something that occurred to me - while it appears that the wealthy are remembered, the ruling classes etc it is the creations of craftsmen, tradies, those who work with their hands which endure. The pyramids were set up by the Pharaohs - but not one brick nor stone would exists - not one building, no Stonehenge, no thing but for the hands and backs of those who build - and - a thought train - lest we forget the whole thing...everything depended and depends on those who grow the food we eat, something so easily forgotten until we are hungry - if ever. I have yet to explore the grounds - as it was a real Melbourne day raining one minute sunny the next - but it looks beautiful and so close to where I live - 

The kids gave me  good things for Mothers day but I was very amused to open one package and find a bloody compass in it - I get a bit confused by where the bay is as the ocean has for 58 years always been on the east for me - so I think there was a message in gving me the compass - I should have known I was being set up because they started looking at each other a lot as I opened it - its good to be set up sometimes - nice to know my son in law can have a joke at my expense and enjoy it - bodes well for the future


Andrew said...

Next outing the Werribee zoo? I haven't been there for many years.

FoxyMoron said...

I have to visit that place when I come to Melbourne next, right up my alley.
I love it when my kids razz me, they weren't all raised together but they all have a common bond, their crazy mum.
Glad you had a nice Mothers' Day and that you now know where the ocean is. ;)

Middle Child said...

Andrew - I went to Werribee Zoo in hot January - was just too hot to enjoy - will have to go again in cooler weather

Middle Child said...

Foxy moron you will love it

iODyne said...

the National Rose garden is there as well, so a Spring visit is worthwhile. I cannot share your joy in scary movies though.
A compass is Very Useful so stop laughing and put it in your handbag.