Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Chrissie Photos

Some photos from Christmas...
Plenty going on but will have to wait till I move in...sorting this even out for a technomoron such as i has been a feat. I move in16th Jan - a all over the shop till then 
Melissa and Alison with their new Knuckle duster purses!!! Tough as!

My sister and me

Melissa and Me

Ali and me

Ali and Melissa


FoxyMoron said...

Melissa and Ali aren't fooling me with those knuckle dusters, they're pussycats! Love the photos, thanks for sharing. I'm so excited about you moving into your new house (I need to get out more lol)
Happy New Year Therese.

Middle Child said...

Same here about getting out more!!

Anne if you read this I can't seem to get into your blog since moving...if you have decided to go private okay..if because I have moved (details the same) i would like to know how you are going please. best wishes