Sunday, March 13, 2011

 So bloody tired lately.

I am feeling a bit selfish for how I am feeling  these days with whats going on in the rest of the world - but lately I have been totally exhausted, hands shaking, heart racing and not thinking as clearly as I usually do. It was all I could do the past days just to do the very basics here and fall into bed - I don't seem to have flu or anything, but am having thyroid issues which I am trying to sort out - The nightmares I have had in the past few nights are absolutely dreadful - so dreadful that even to remember them makes me feel sick - and in brilliant colour and sound which is odd - but I think that comes from being so tired and not able to renew energy by resting. One of my daughters mentioned that she had a period like this when her adrenal glands were on overdrive and I think my thyroid medication may be at too high a level and has made me hyper rather than hypo - I never want to feel like this again - our youngest was seriously ill for many years and much of her days were spent in bed or resting and I watched her  go through hell, I am no way as bad as that but am unable to cope with the upkeep of this place the way I am. I was in a class at Tafe the other day and had almost the whole class on blank - things I had done before were just gone and I couldn't had Friday off and in bed, as well as Saturday - am resting today as well hopefully so  will be well enough for the week ahead. I can't afford to get behind as I need to get back into the workforce sometime this year as I spent a fortune publishing my book and need to earn some money fast. The thing is after having our daughters young (which was wonderful as there would have been none if we waited) and then looking after Don for most of our married life - I have no saleable skills and am unable to do heavy cleaning etc due to a couple of sets of fused vertebrae  - so am trying to get some skills that i can use for the next ten or so years till I reach retiring age - While I am here in the house I feel so calm and at peace - but unless I find something I can do from home (and I might look into that) I have got to have some skills so I am employable. It worries me a bit that just when I need to be able to function I seem to have lost energy and feel exhausted all day and night. I have never felt like this for this amount of time and usually bounced back from most things -
Not much to complain about -
I have been on this product for sometime and should have had blood testing done - I had the referral but kept forgetting - so hopefully the tests will find the culprit -For those with hypothyroid conditions the following might be of use
There is a product you can take for Hypothyroid which is natural but at a pharmaceutical strength - in that it is put together by Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals and only available on prescription by a doctor - usually a doctor who practices Integrative medicine - which is combining the good parts of Allopathic and Traditional medicine - Allopathic being modern medicine. The other products are oroxine or thoroxin and are okay but do not treat the T3 part of the thyroid. Armour treats both T4 and T3 but like so many medications that work better - it is not covered by medicare and is expensive.


Anne said...

Don't feel selfish at all! I feel you will keep trying to get to the bottom of what's going on with you and find a solution to getting better.

Scary stuff at our ages looking for a new direction in life such as a new job. Not how it was meant to turn out at all, but I think if we succeed it will make us stronger.

Like you, home is where I find I'm calm - to face job hunting is nerve racking. Ideally I would lvoe to work from home as well, something I had done for a few years. Hard to come across jobs like that here though.

Take care of yourself!!

Mom said...

You have been through so much for so long that I think your body is telling you to just stop for a while and rest. Your job search will go better if you give yourself some time to rest and to heal and grow stronger. Peace my friend.

FoxyMoron said...

I agree with what Mom said, you've just been through so much in the past few years, it's time to just look after you.w