Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy birthday to me age old (sigh) 57!!!

Some lovely pressies from my daughters and two of my sisters... a bunch of flowers and bottle of plonk! All for me and a better brand than i usually buy. And some people have a parrot on their shoulder but I prefer my cat Cuss Cuss - she is making sure I don't have too much vino! She looks very disapproving! I am going out for dinner this evening - but the birthday was the day after Valentines - everyone was away in other towns and they were all worried that I'd be upset being by my self but I actually enjoyed myself.
I have been out of touch but have just begun a full time TAFE course, and what with running this place and keeping the snakes from the door literally (only KIDDING) - I am flat out keeping up with things -Am going to set aside some time on the weekend because I really enjoy catching up with people and seeing what they haven;'t been up to or the other way around.

I wasn't quick enough getting into the photo to actually be drinking - because I was sitting down low on the floor on a pouffe (am I still aloud to call it that) -and it didn't happen as neatly as intended.

Not long now till summer is over - thank all the heavens for that.

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FoxyMoron said...

Happy belated birthday Therese. Love the photo of you and your "minder".
What is the course you're doing?

Anne said...

A bit late - but happy belated birthday wishes to you!

Mom said...

Hope the birthday was a lovely as you. here's drinking to a wonderful year ahead.

Andrew said...

Best wishes. Sounds like it was a nice day.

Cazzie!!! said...

Therese, lots of hugs coming at you from me, it is wonderful to see you had a chill our birthday :)

Middle Child said...

Foxymoron - its sounds boring but have to get skills so that I can get some work that i can physically do till I am 65 or older - Business Management Certificate 3 - and apart from the bloody touch typing I am enjoying it - but finding it hard to keep up with the work running this place - its four days a week and within school hours

Anne thank you 0 I am now older than Don so must live the years I have been given as well as i can because he did not get them and as well my daughter said he would be really pissed if I didn't make the best of what i have

Andrew and Cazzie - thanks - went out for dinner a couple of nights later - was great except not airconditioned and was stinking hot -

Shrinky said...

57? Get outta' here, no WAY are you 57 - 40's, maybe? I love what you said about living every day for the both of you, that makes perfect sense - keep walking the talk, girl!