Saturday, January 01, 2011

Back home now. It was really wonderful to see my daughters and spend real time with them - we totally get one another and when left alone we always have fun in our own ways -
Melissa is no longer blonde and has gone black and its okay she can do either...

I had a really long post planned and with many other photos but lost it when the web went down without warning...will re post later when its not so iffy.

Its New Years Day now, and a beautiful light filled day with a warm sun and a cool breeze. The cicadas are humming along and the kookaburras are not laughing but making that other caw cawing they do which is a bit freaky at times.
The cat Cussy is asleep on my printer and Tiger is splayed out on my bed as if she has run a marathon or something.

A few private tears for the empty spaces - a real lump in the throat when we were out at tea one night and Melissa and Alison were chatting and laughing with their heads together and above them in the space I imagined - No I didn't see this but I had an image of their Dad as if he was standing behind them - maybe he was maybe he wasn't and most likely just my own need for them to have him watch over them - but had to struggle to hold it together after that - it was such a good happy night and they deserve just to have some lighthearted times like this. When your family has been hit as many times as ours has you can't help but hope that those you love do indeed have a guardian angel.

Now to catch up on every one else's Christmas... I have heaps more photos to post...

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Shrinky said...

Family gatherings, however wonderful, are often bittersweet when you've lost someone precious. Wherever he may be, I am sure he darn proud of you all (hugs)

Cazzie!!! said...

Melissa's hair, each time I look, she is so gorgeous with black hair, but, as you say, she can do both :)
Wonderful you got together and went out for tea. You must be so proud of them both :)