Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sun in late winter.

In late winter the sun goes down quickly. Its soft golden light reflects off a hundred different greens. The leaves of the trees are dunked for the moment and gilded, shining as no earthly golden metal can.

Soft as the breeze in the high pines the light is placed... and then in a moment is gone as twilight comes in on a wisp – all in a moment.

And on the horizon the sun’s eyelid blinks and simmers in the coolness and closes the light down.

The sun! Oh, the sun! Life bringer and life taker; its warmth and light describes the world. Its fury and fire create the balance of that beneficence... and so as twilight wanders about in its cloak of blue, covering up the small spots and sparks of gold of the sun, the cold of winter sets in.

The curtains close. The doors are locked. Out in the cold and dark Earth sets in with its croaks and creaks and the cry of a lone bird flying home is a bugle lament to the day. The nights are long but then the sun creeps and slithers slowly up, strobing fingers of liquid gold on mountain tops, between the hills and in the gullies.

All hail the sun which gives us light and heat and all we need to look in wonder upon this earth.


Shrinky said...

Oh, such beautiful imagery you paint, so atmospheric and haunting. A lovely piece of writing, I felt it all play out before my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. However, the sun is not my favourite person at the moment - its 100f outside and with the heat index -108 and has been since the middle of July - I need a bit of winter solstice the moment. Enjoy the winter - it will summer before you know it.

FoxyMoron said...

That is beautiful Therese. And you live in a beautiful part of our country.

Anne said...

A beautiful post:-)

rosemary said...

simply beautiful words and photos.

Middle Child said...

It really is beautiful arouns here - already starting to warm up a bit I am not looking foreward to summer I admit - our winters are so mild they are enjoyable - our summers are hell at times