Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lost Photos of my dad
I was given more old photos of my dad which I had never seen, when visiting old relatives. These were taken during the second world war years. Dad was unable to join the forces as he had one leg in callipers as a child and it was much shorter than the other...funny thing was he was a NSW rifle champion one time...but instead he drove ammunition trucks and the like. He was the strongest man physically I ever knew apart from Don, and like Don as well the gentlest.
Dad had the most amazing mop of curly hair and it was almost blue-black. In winter he had pale skin, Added to thick dark eyebrows, beautiful long eyelashes and eyes of blue grey - the photos don't do him justice. No matter how much he tried to control his hair, a few weeks after a trim it would be back up on top - the men he worked with tried to tease him about the hair and eyes, but Dad was so obviously male they didn't get far...

When someone has been dead for forty years, someone you loved dearly as i did with find more photos of him is a blessing. Even if the one is with a previous girlfriend...he just looks so happy and carefree...

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FoxyMoron said...

Don was certainly a good sort Therese, great photos.

Your Dad could be related to the Powell side of my family, so similar is he right down to the curly hair. Must be so great to get "new" photos of both of them.