Monday, June 29, 2009

I have always loved this I slept in my bed when the girls were babies, and Don was softly snoring i would hear the great Sea Eagles fly out over out little house and dream...I recently found what i wrote about this way back then... and John Denver's song fits how i felt to a tee...

"Sea Eagles.

In the time when Merlin arose and spirits spoke to men alive,
Sea eagles flew out over them on great whooshing wings
And cried and cried...
They cried of things we search for,
The cried of things we’ve found,
They cried in universal music, and cried to pierce our souls.

And in this time when “Space Invaders” and “Big Mac’ is everywhere,
Merlin is slumbering in his ancient wooden womb of wisdom.
This time for achieving; getting; progressing and trying to stay sane,
the sea eagles cry for those who are aware.
The cry for those who are unaware.
They cry for the truth we are seeking.
They cry for the peace we don’t have.

I am lying in my bed in a tiny wooden womb house,
in the leaden light, and birds are talking to me, singing for me.
One child sleeps at my side another in my arms;

my husband snores softly beside me
And we are lying still in total peace as the sea eagles
go flying out above our heads.

A million, million women are lying thus...
Lying still and just lying sometimes is our strength and our survival.
We’re waiting for the sea eagles,
We’re waiting for the cry...
The cry which pierces the soul and allows the spirit to speak."

Has anyone read "The Stoner Eagles" by William Horwood....that was a book and a half...


rosemary said...

Caught up....what a wonderful collection of old photos and family having fun. Your dad was handsome....he has hair like me. I haven't read the book you mention....will look it up. glad you are back.

Sling said...

The song and your poem go together beautifully!
Thanks for sharing them.

Cazzie!!! said...

Just gorgeous Therese, apt words, for sure! I am going to look up that book tomorrow at the library.

cs said...

MC: I cannot believe that we started blogging 5 summers ago sister! And your blogs still leave me warm and fuzzy, and I look forward to your next post.

Blog-sisters of 5 years friend! Here's to you! clink clink

Anne said...

Sounds a special time away with your sisters:-) Loved the song.

You father was a looker!!!