Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scary Cat!

Brrrrrr! If cats freak the bejesus out of you read no further!

This is the cat my friend "minds".

It has been known to leap out at her from great heights from dressing tables, bookshelves, gutters and tall trees...all in the dark of the night whilst she is frantically searching for the senior cat of the estate which is geriatric and totally blind and which this sweet little kitty tries to murder at every opportunity...

This poore olde blind cat the senior cat... was carefully feeling its way own the stairs and the young turk was behind it giving it little pushes in the hope it would tumble down the stairs... how bad a cat is that? A murderer cat!

Rock climbing anyone?

Like your neck scratched? Feel like getting your eyes ripped out???
Sweet isn't it?


cs said...

Okay CT, now's your chance!

Yup, pretty scary lookin' critter you got over yonder. Looks like it would be one heck of a guard kitty! I wouldn't mess with it.

rosemary said...

Well, the kitty is crosseyed...maybe he can't see straight and is innocent...could be you know. Ok, he does look a bit scary.

Cazzie!!! said...

I miss my cat Cindy. She was a siamese seal point. Se was as gorgeous as this kitty.

Sling said...

Scary Cat is creepin' me out!

JahTeh said...

If the cat's name is Damien, I'm going to worry.