Thursday, June 18, 2015

Forty six years ago on 17th June Dad was hit and killed by a wealthy drunk driver.

He was never charged. Money talks. But every year since then I have lit a candle for my dad.

 He is remembered and loved still. He was a good father and we were lucky to have him.

.we still have him in our hearts. He left school age 12 during the depression..

He went to work then helped look after his family. He never stop working till the day he died

Always he was looking after other people but even so he laughed easily, told jokes and was 

a good firm but gentle father RIP my Dad.

Something amazing happened today which I can't talk about here right now but it happened 

on my dad's anniversary and I'll always remember that.

About ten years ago i got the Coronial records - it was 

shocking miscarriage of justice. The driver a 

businessman from Glen Innes had been on a pub crawl 

down the highway but this was never mentioned even 

though the Constable queried him - but as fate/ karma 

had it many years ago I met a man who was 

researching family history - found out we were third 

cousins...turned out 

he lived next door to this drunk driver. Turned out my 

cousin and his wife helped this drunk driver's wife keep 

her house as her husband was planning on moving a 

mistress in and chucking out his wife and family...he 

died a sad old man nobody cared about...whereas Dad 

died and is remembered with love...could not believe 

the coincidence that a close rello lived next door all 

those years and finally we met.

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