Saturday, August 16, 2014

New puppy and parents

Some newer family members. My girls have in the past months welcomed some new family members. Not too long after Cuss died Melissa's car Spooky died. She then got another abandoned kitten Elvis to be a companion to her lovely Maggie. 

Then Ali and Andrew came home after being vetted with this big fluffy dog that is more like a cat. So many animals needing homes. Can't understand anyone dumping their pet.
grows daily...and grows on you the little devil

and Melissa's newest one Elvis
Melissa and Maggie the cat


Anonymous said...

Love all the new family members and adore Elvis as the name for the cat. Thank goodness for kind people like you and the girls to take in animals who need a home.

Ann ODyne said...

that gorgeous fluffy pup looks like a Samoyed has crossed with something gold. Hopefully a Retriever as they have the loveliest nature.

I am so sad to hear you suffered cats passing. Mine is 15 and I brace myself. Love from the bush.