Saturday, August 03, 2013

I haven't been posting in here a lot lately - which is something I wonder at as I enjoyed doing this. Since moving from my old home I don't think I have written one original thought . I guess it takes time to settle and all that and I am happy enough where I am - but I so much miss being able to see into the distance. 
Miss the sunrise over the frost

Don't see any of these birds here

I guess it takes time to settle and all that and I am happy enough where I am - but I so much miss being able to see into the distance. I love it that I am able to see our  youngest often during the week. She is a lovely little soul. I wish I was able to be live closer to our eldest - Australia is such a big country.

Its a funny street that I live in now. The paling fences are higher than me all around so that once in your yard you can only see the roof tops of the houses next door. When i first moved here I thought that this privacy was a great thing, but am not so sure now. I think it would be a good thing if just in one small section of the fence (about 3 ft) the palings could be slightly lower so that we might just call "hello" to each other from time to time. It is so odd to be in my yard  hanging out the washing or mowing, and to hear neighbours on the others side only inches away doing something, but because you can't see them you just don't call our "hello" as you would if you could see therm. I don't think long term it is a good thing - as they are all pretty nice people but I can go weeks without seeing any of them. Sometimes if I look up and down the street there is not one single person walking or out the front doing something. With all these houses and kids etc - you wonder is everyone inside watching tele or using the computer? or are they always out...? Its a weird feeling almost like in the Walking Dead - its too quiet and one could imagine a band of Zombies coming out of one of the houses or from around the corner.

Health hasn't been so good of late but am working on it... Just my thyroid and Cortisol levels went really low I guess after all the stress from the past 6 years or so and I seem to lack energy and I feel I need something to give me drive again - am not unhappy, but am not anything much - this too shall pass. I don't recommend anyone living alone for too long - in winter the nights are just too dark and too  long.

But hey I am here and have the life so many don't have. I am going to see our eldest soon and that will be wonderful - 


jacqui boyd alden said...

Hi Theresa
Sorry to hear you are feeling so low at the moment and maybe its just the effect of the winter that is the cause. Living in the TX with so much sunshine, I notice I am less happy if the sun hides itself for a few days. Weird I know, given that I complain about the heat so much but light is a different story.

Maybe you could try volunteering as you are a natural carer. Even getting meals on wheels, cheers a person up and you have so much to offer. Enjoy your visit with your daughter but start thinking out of the box by seeing what you can do to expand your world. May be an art class?

Ann ODyne said...

Now that I have a backyard full of those birds, I know I would miss them if I left, but there are other things I do miss, and in that situation we all have to, and I do keep saying this to myself, we have to be glad we had it when we had it, and remember that.

You owl photo is an absolute beauty. Sometimes I get an owl on the clothesline at 3am, and very recently when another blogger came to visit, an owl swished over our heads just as we came out of the back verandah at nightfall and ALL involved got a shock.

a hug from sunny Ballarat.

Ann ODyne said...

by 'ALL" I mean the owl was surprised too, and re my 'you owl photo': when I type, the 'r' falls off 'your' all the damn time. sigh.

Middle Child said...

Jacqui, thanks for that...I am busy enough - am doing an Art Class already... just get the blues at times but always am better soon after.

Middle Child said...

Good to hear from you Ann - we've been on Blogger a while haven't we - so much has is almost a different place. Its hard slotting a Rural person like me into an Urban life... but am still glad I am here

Ann ODyne said...

Yes we have TMac and I even recall whose blog we both used to hang out at. Sadly he disappeared and I wish I knew what happened. Do you recall Charlie Taylor in Glasgow who wrote a hilarious book Scotch Mist?
Art class sounds good. X X

Middle Child said...

Haha my son in law calls me TMac - for a different and very funny reason...I remember charlie - his wife did the first edit on my book - haven't heard from them for a while - think an email was rejected a while ago...Charlie's real name was Derek - his wife is Nicola and she does scottish wedding thingies