Friday, December 14, 2012

Been back to my old home at Craggy Island. Came back sick as a dog with the flu - always seem to after a plane trip...but so happy to re meet the family who have moved into our place. They have four horses, one hand raised calf, two dogs and occasionally a red kelpie visitor who isn't there when you look at him! They have made a gnome place for the little boy, hammocks,  etc etc can't show them or the inside as thats not the right thing to do but I came away from them with a glow - they are even more right for the beautiful place than we are because they can feed this into their kids and will stand them in good stead when they are adults.

We launched our little book called "StoryWeavers" (not keen on the name myself but couldn't think of a better one - its of  my writing group's stories and poems - we'd been together for 10 years and this was just something we wanted to do...nearly all sold now but we only had a hundred printed.

Christmas soon so hard to believe I have been here over a year now.

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FoxyMoron said...

It's nice you got to go back and see how they've put their own stamp on the place.
Sorry you're crook, I didn't have a sore throat, just felt awful for a week, with the cough and endlessly runny nose, still have it over two weeks later but feeling a bit better, hope you will soon.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Stirrer that is so lovely that sweet people with fat ponies are in the special place keeping it beautiful. I hope it makes you feel better.
Get well soon FFS.

JahTeh said...

The place looks beautiful and well loved as it would have been if you'd had stayed there but only if you could have split yourself into 6 for the upkeep.