Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful day today

Melissa and Chris near Hawkesbury River at Windsor NSW
Have been away  and the month has just flown... Its been a full time...Both our daughters had their birthdays and I went up to Windsor NSW to visit Melissa and Chris. I realise how lucky I am because my kids actually seem to like my company and want to see me...  and its easy - there are no undercurrents or falseness ..thats a real treasure I know when i hear others talking about their grown up family.
seconds before this crazy cat escaped in a flurry of fur and claws
Up at Bilipin NSW - a wonderful day with my eldest
I am back at Tafe now and along with other things I am finding myself exhausted... some issues with Adrenal fatigue which I am dealing with  - it had to happen after the stress of the preceding years - I have a good doc who as well practices along with allopathic medicine - traditional medicine - so have the best person to deal with things...just miss my amazing energy levels from before...I read back here and see how much I would write, and as well I wrote stories and poems  painted etc etc - but now I realise I am just basically doing what i have to do - basically since I moved here. Basically "you don't know what you've got till its gone" but for me luckily its only temporary. One thing I have known for decades especially as Don suffered so much "health is all"...
Its a most beautiful light sunny Spring day here today...everything looks freshly everywhere and so many birds in the trees outside its just so wonderful. Just to be here, and okay on this beautiful day is good enough for me. I realise today that I need nothing more than what I have right at this moment. I have wonderful kids and great memories of my lovely Don... was raised by parents whop were in love and who treated us kindly... my cats are sleeping in the sun and a light gentle breeze is blowing through my house... Hope all of you feel as at peace as I do today...Just thought to say so.

Melissa on her birthday

Ali and Andrew on her birthday

Andrew's second cake in his whole life - a beauty
Ali ready for the bog blow out


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FoxyMoron said...

Sorry you haven't been well, but it's so nice to read of you feeling happy and at peace today, after all you've been through.
Glad you had some nice visits with your girls.