Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a hard life my cats have.
I took this the other day as my daughter was talking to her sister on the phone -

This is Tiger a no good layabout who stalks the other cat and hides outside the laundry door and jumps on her so that Cuss the other cat - is becoming very nervous about using the kitty litter or eating/ drinking
This is cuss (rhymes with Puss) with her one white whiska...a quiet cat you seldom notice till in total frustration at being attacked by the much larger Tiger she lashes out and there is a hissing and spittng fight in almost ever room of the house - to see them sitting this close is something - but think its because they are currying favour with Alison who seems oblivious

Don't seem to have many stories to tell of things that have happened - still love my new place but i so much miss the outlook - its hard not to see anything but the fences  - must find somewhere where I can just look and enjoy - hope I never have to go to prison I think I would not do very well being confined - I find suburbia extremely confining... but am looking past that - needs must

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FoxyMoron said...

Haven't those cats learned to co-exist yet?
The house looks lovely but I can understand you missing the country, it must be a bit of a shock after living up there for all those years.