Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a few wedding photos.
Here are some of the happy snaps taken at the wedding of Alison and her Andrew. There are much better ones coming but these are a start (I apologise I am probably going to post a few)

The wedding was held in the garden of an amazing old house in East Malvern (Melbourne) called the Gables - reception in the house itself - which was amazing - all the windows had the best lead light panes i have ever seen and as it was a freezing cold overcast day they had a fire all suited the amazing bagpiper who piped during the wedding - and hard not to cry when I hear the bagpipes. He even played an Elvis song my mum loved called "Love me tender - I was amazed that Alison had been so considerate to remember this...and it was special when it came because neither of my parents, or Don's lived all that long - it felt like they and Don were present.

I loved Ali's choice of dress, simple and elegant. she and Melissa had goosebumps on their goosebumps - as the crowd had overcoats and scarves on to keep them warm - Ali and Lissy said they didn't feel a thing -

It was such a lovely and simple wedding - the celebrant was an ex Victorian copper so he wielded authority - and also made it fun..Don would have liked his Australiaisms.

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JahTeh said...

Therese, post as many as possible.
She looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the lace dress.
Don't forget post some pics of you as well.

Shrinky said...

Oh my, what a stunning bride - she is utterly beautiful, isn't she? That cake display is truly a masterpiece, and the setting is gorgeous. I would love to see the other photo's as they come in - who can resist a wedding?

Anne said...

I've been waiting for some photos! Alison is just gorgeous, an absolutely beautiful bride:-) Abd yoiu look lovely as well! Looking forward to seeing photos of Melissa.

Bagpipes get to me as well, lumps in the throat etc, can just imagine how great it would be to hear "love me Tender".

Don would be proud of his beauitful daughter.

FoxyMoron said...

I've been waiting for wedding photos too! Thank you so much for posting them for us. What a gorgeous dress, and a truly beautiful bride, the groom's not bad either! ;) Can't wait to see, and hear more.
And thanks for the comments you left on my blog, I really appreciate them.

Andrew said...

They make a nice couple. You must have been very proud.

Random Thinker said...

Congratulations. She's just beautiful and they look so happy together.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.. I love Alison's hair style and her dress is so demure... lovely :)
Therese, you look lovely too!
Such a happy day for you all :)

rosemary said...

Your daughter is stunning...and I love the cake/cupcakes! You look lovely Therese.

Anne said...

I just had to go back and read over the entries around when Don passed (not the first time I've done this) Different circumstances but oh so very similar feelings and thoughts there. One entry you wrote you said you were asking "where are you?" exactly the same words I've found myself saying. So weird I really do feel I know you.

On a lighter note, looking forward to more photos!