Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thank you all

Thanks so much for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I'd like to visit all your blogs and catch up on you but there is always a waiting line for this kiosk...the only one in the hospital. Basically spending my days up here and back down to the Rotary Lodge (Greenwich Inn) near the hospital...its a real resort that one :( but no complaints its very cheap.

Don has now had a tracheaotomy (unsure of spelling) ant the next week or two will tell if his own breathing will be enough to keep him alive or whatever. I don't want to consider the whatever.

I found out today he now has MRSA (Golden Staph) not only on the arterial line site but also in his lungs which is just bloody great. And another bug Klebsillia Pneumoniae (again unsure of spelling) poor bugger. He is such a brave man - no choice I guess. He looks so little.

Mirk did say the Mackays were tough stuff... or words to that effect...they sure are. Who else's lot could thrive on seaweed and sermons and live in the topmost part of Scotland ...BRRRR

I eould like to hear whats been happening to you all so if you could take the time (just a sentence or three and let me know whats been happening ... I would appreciate it.

I am getting Looks to get off this machine now...but still got a few cents worth left.

The net is a funny creature isn't it? All these wonderful wishes from people I feel as if I know pretty well.... you area great mob. and thanks again.

I hope I have good news soon...but we are still here and thats good for now.


Otilia said...


I'd say more, but you asked for other news. I am well. Today is the biggest "event" of the 18 year old daughter's social life - prom. She woke up at 6 a.m., vomiting (awful flu going around here). She went to the hairdressers, threw up, got her hair all piled and curled on top of her head, came home, & is now vomiting away, lovely locks and all.

I'll go back to praying for you all, now.

Sling said...

Hi MC!
Well we're finally enjoying some pleasant Spring weather here in O-Town.
We have orders for our cabinets out for about 3 months,so business is solid.My room mate,The Lizzard King,may be investing in a small business here in town that is kind of fun.A Family billiards hall.
You know I wish you and yours well MC,and I'll keep checking in! :)

cs said...

We are missing you and so glad you posted. The Twinkies send a big woof and paws up that Don is showing them all just how tuff his clan is.

I am down to the countdown...6 weeks left of regular school, then summer session for my kiddos which is a breeze...may still be looking into another school district as this one is a bit clickish....blessings good to hear from you
cs and girls

Citymouse said...

your in my prayers!

mirk said...

Forget about us woman you have enough to think about!!!!!

Not much going on just pix of plover eggs and chicks and posts on bloody bureaucrats and Charlie is back but is to busy to reply to comments left or visit blogs but at least he is posting.

Prayers go out to you and yours as usual. But forget about us!

rosemary said...

Hugs and hugs to you...all is well in Idaho. It is spring, everything is green, I am walking every day, got a bike, the pets are holding their own and I miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

MC - just logged in to see the news. all we three can do from here - me and S1 and amy is send our love and best wishes to don and yourself.

jin said...

Sending more healing light & cyber hugs your way. I really do hope things start going smoother for all of you!

Things here are ok. You'll get a giggle out of this one: I had a bride cancel the order for her wedding cake with us a couple weeks ago. I didn't take the call so I couldn't defend myself, but would you believe her reason for canceling the order was that she "read the blog & saw some swear words on it & Jennifer makes beautiful cakes but she does NOT need to be that way & we just really don't want her making our wedding cake anymore".
Need I say that she's one of those fake Catholic women? You know the type. She even forfeited her $100.00 down payment. Pft! Customers like her I don't need.

Miss you! Take care.

Cazzie!!! said...

I was checking over here daily until Saturday and then you post, LOL.
Saturday I took my kids to a party and they danced and sang and had a pretend Doctor's Surgery in the bedroom, all 6 of them.
Sunday morning Sarah had a MacDonalds party at 10:30am!! Then I worked the arvo shift which got me home about 11pm, not before I visited my friend who is a patient at work with Leaukaemia.
Today, I read with the prep kid, always a delight. My boy Nick is 8 this coming Saturday and so he is excited.
Me, I am getting myself a puppy tomorrow night, I cannot wait. It was going to be a girl, but I have decided on a boy, his name will be "Bondi" :)

Huggs to you and to Don and the girls. I am wrapt you gave an update :) Cheers Carolyn.

JahTeh said...

Mum is in for respite care but I think it should be me in the bed with the meals and her at home. Lord I haven't stopped running for five days but tomorrow I meet up with the go-away brownie and Lord Sedgwick for a slap-up lunch. I intend to ignore everything nourishing and go straight for the cake.

Cazzie!!! said...

I hope you have tried to have a good Mother's Day today, thinkign of you, Don and the girls.

Pat said...

Hi MC! So glad you posted. I agree with Mirk, forget about us - you have more than enough on your plate. Though I do understand how hearing of our trivia can help as a diversion from your worries, even if only for a moment! All is well here in Colorado. I am planning a vacation with Favorite Son (Hubby won't be able to go along), FS has been struck full force with Spring Fever and is no longer (much) interested in his studies, and things between Hubby and I are the same. Jin tagged me for a Blogger Food Fight, and I in turn tagged just about everyone I could think of! And tra la la lala la la ....!

Prayers and hugs to you and Don - always!